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1:17 PM

Test Your Knowledge-Kiwanis Quiz

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It's Quiz Time!

So you think you know everything about Kiwanis. Test yourself here and see how many you get right. Leave your answers in the comment and check back for the answers in a few weeks time. 

1. Sue Petrisin is the first woman president of Kiwanis International (2015-16). Do you know in what year were women allowed full membership in Kiwanis' clubs?
A. 1967
B. 1978
C. 1987
2. What is the name of the hometown Kiwanis club that president Sue Petrisin has been a part of since 27 years? 
A. East Lansing club, Michigan
B. Pike Township club, Indianapolis 
C. Club of Troy, Michigan 
3. Craig Melvin was the first African American president of Key Club International in 1996 and Walter Sellers from Ohio, was the first Kiwanis International's African American President. Do you know what year was that?
A. 1999
B. 1998
C. 1997
4. Canada was the first international country that chartered a Kiwanis club in Hamilton, Ontario in 1916. Then followed Mexico in 1962. Do you know which city chartered the first club in Mexico.
A. La Jolla 
B. Tijuana 
C. Chula Vista
5. In 1987, first club was formed in Palatka, Florida that had adult members with disabilities. What is this club called?
A. Special Olympics
B. Circle Kiwanis International
C. Aktion Club
6. UNICEF and KI partnered to eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus together from 2010-2015. Which other project have they worked on together before?
A. Eliminate Polio
B. Eliminate Malaria
C. Eliminate TB
7. In June, 1968, first KI European club was chartered in Zurich. Who was the first president of KI- E?
A. John Button 
B. Jean Ladrierer 
C. Browne
8. In what year was the Kiwanis International website launched?
A. 2000
B. 1998
C. 1994
9. Which is NOT a member of Kiwanis Family?
A. Key Bugs
B. Builders Club
C. Kiwanis Kids
10. The six permanent objects of KI were approved in Denver in 1924. What other milestone was achieved that day that stays unchanged? 
A. Women were allowed full memberships in the club
B. The motto "We Build" was adopted 
C. The name "Kiwanis International" was adopted 
Leave your answers in the comment and we will publish the answers soon. Thanks for taking out the time to check your knowledge about Kiwanis. 
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