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6:15 PM

Is your life, a Story to Tell?

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We have all heard the old adage, “Life is short, go live it.”

The problem is, for a lot of people, it takes an entire life before they start living or not living it. It’s so easy to get stuck doing the everyday mundane tasks, instead of doing what really makes our heart sing.

We spend our lives working our jobs waiting around to live. And when that time arrives, we often end up on the porch lamenting about all those things we didn’t do.

The moment, when life offers us the opportunity to experience something new, we usually allow our conditioned thoughts of fear, failure and doubt to get in the way and we continue doing what we know. This is known as the safe route, which at times is a beneficial route, but not if you want to live an enriched life.

I believe that life is all about memories and simply overcoming fear and doubt, in order to experience and create new memories, can make our life a story to tell.

When you think like this, fear tends to take a back seat and life becomes the driver. The philosophy, "Live your life so it's a story to tell" has given me many experiences, and as a result, lots of insightful wisdom I can share with others. This has been a huge builder of courage for me. It helps me step up to the plate and just do whatever it is I am fearful to do, or complacent about.

I’ve also found that it is most empowering, as it helps me to get over challenging times in life. When things go wrong, I often think, “Well, I guess, I’ve now got a story to tell.”

It is so empowering that it allows me to get over things and drop the baggage that I would otherwise carry around with me for years. It helps me to move on, learn from my mistakes and take something positive from the negative.

Enriching my life with a life long commitment to learning and rewarding myself by expanding my contentment is my story to tell.

The next time you are faced with a decision or an opportunity to do something a little different, out of the box, or outside your comfort zone, take control of your fears and doubts by saying, “At least it will be a story to tell!”

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